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This lab is going to be a Beast. This will be on ongoing lab that I […]
This lab is an OSINT lab (my favorite) It appears to be searching for the following […]
python -c “import pty; pty.spawn(‘/bin/bash’)” Running this command should allow you to upgrade your shell to […]
Try to get the two flags!  Root the machine and prove your understanding of the fundamentals! […]
Python Web server can come in handy when pentesting. It can be used to transfer files […]
This machine appears to be the exploit for eternal blue Time to enumerate!   It is […]
Background the session that is open run the command search shell_to_meterpreter use 0 find the session you […]
You have found yourself in a strange corridor. Can you find your way back to where […]
Your challenge is to use the tools listed below to enumerate a server, gathering information along […]
Practice using tools such as Nmap and GoBuster to locate a hidden directory to get initial […]