Try to get the two flags!  Root the machine and prove your understanding of the fundamentals! This is a virtual machine meant for beginners. Acquiring both flags will require some basic knowledge of Linux and privilege escalation methods.
We are going to start by enumerating the machine using Nmap to search for any open ports/services
Looks like we have 4 ports open
21 — ftp
22 — ssh
139 — SMB
445 — SMB
I have a hunch this is exploitable by Eternal Blue but we shall see!
Next it would like us to locate a share on this machine. Using our same nmap scan (with the -sC for scripts), we get the following
From here I am going to FTP in since it appears to allow anonymous connections
We find a file with the following script
It appears to be some kind of script that is cleaning something up. Assuming this is run with a cronjob (scheduled task for Linux).
This is still something that I am currently learning. So going to check into a few external resources for this one. But the concept of it is to basically set our shell to run trigger when this cronjob runs.