Red Miners

Red Miners is a challenge on the Hack the box platform.

This is a download from the site and no connections are needed.

In the race for Vitalium on Mars, the villainous Board of Arodor resorted to desperate measures, needing
funds for their mining attempts. They devised a botnet specifically crafted to mine cryptocurrency covertly.
We stumbled upon a sample of Arodor’s miner’s installer on our server. Recognizing the gravity of the
situation, we launched a thorough investigation. With you as its leader, you need to unravel the inner
workings of the installation mechanism. The discovery served as a turning point, revealing the extent of
Arodor’s desperation. However, the battle for Vitalium continued, urging us to remain vigilant and adapt
our cyber defenses to counter future threats

We are going to download the attached file.
This file appears to be a .sh file. With the references to xmrig within it, it appears to be a crpyto miner.

Sorting through the code you can see that there are base64 encoded messages within it.

Decoding these messages with Cyber chef we get the following flag