Pivoting using Proxy Chains

First cat out the proxychains file

cat /etc/proxychains4.conf

at the bottom look for socks4 9050

This is utilized to bind to. This will bind to 9050

This port can be updated.


ssh -f -N -D 9050 (or whatever port is listed) -i pivot root@

-f backgrounds the ssh

-N -this means we dont want to execute remove commands

Now we can use the command proxychains to run commands


proxychains nmap -p88

Using proxychains we can launch attacks


Using proxychains to connect via RDP

proxychains xfreerdp /u:administrator /p:password /v:


Using proxychains with firefox

proxychains firefox

This allows you to open a browser to access internal webpages



Sshuttle will allow you to enter commands as regular without having to use the proxychains command


Sudo pip install sshuttle


sshuttle -r root@ –sh-cmd “ssh -i pivot”